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Report for Overseas Joint Research

 “Quantum Leader Human Resources (QLEAR)”Fellowship supports students  who would like to have the overseas joint research for any quantum technology research organizations in abroad.

Please refer the report for the experiences of the overseas joint research 2021 and apply for the overseas joint research 2022. 

report for the experiences of the overseas joint research 2021

Name :Sun Siyuan

Organization :Imperial College London

Country :United Kingdom


What made you decide to do overseas joint research?

    It was the time that my study should be applied into simulation framework, which the software group of our experiment is at Imperial College London. I saw the invitation of joint research support from QLEAR office, I immediately decided to apply for it.

What did you prepare for your trip through overseas joint research?

    I needed to contact the professor at UK asking if he will accept me as a joint researcher, then prepare for VISA, buying flight ticket, insurance, also PCR test as the special period for COVID. The most time-costing part is finding accommodation.

How did you feel when you actually conducted overseas joint research?

    It was a great experience. The difference of culture between Europe and Asia impact me a lot. I met many brilliant students at Imperial College London, and they are all very friendly. I fill it’s more efficient to work there.

What was the fun and difficulty of research during overseas joint research?   

    The attitude to research at Imperial College London is very different. PhD students are very happy to ask dumb questions, they just ask what they don’t know or forgot, which I feel a little hard to do so.

How did you feel about relations with teachers and researchers?

    Yoshi is a very friendly person. I feel relax when talking with him, I can say what I exactly want to say, he will give me advice as a friend, instead of as a professor, or boss.

・How was your life during overseas joint research? How to arrange accommodation, living cost, how to spend vacations, etc.?

    To be honest the environment of where I lived is not so good. I was a share house living with the owner, I chose it because it was cheap so that I can afford with the limited travel budget. The daily cost is also higher than Japan.

・Is there anything changed such as the life, opinion, career plan after the overseas joint research?

 Firstly, I feel my English is improved a little, that of course because I talked with UK people. I also became a better programmer after working there, which will help me to do my research more efficiently.

How has your experience in overseas joint research been useful after returning to Japan?

    What most impact me is the working style difference between UK and Japan, now I can research more efficiently without wasting time on doing things that doesn’t matter. I would like to suggest our Lab. also change the working style.

How do you make use of your experience in overseas joint research in the future?

    I will consider finding a postdoc position at Europe. I only thought about finding a postdoc at Japan before I went to UK, but now I changed my mind.

Please give some advice and messages for those who are considering overseas joint research.

    I think it’s a good chance to study abroad, see different culture, work with different people, and you will have new ideas and considerations. It’s also a good chance that you can seek the potential career path, widen the choices you can make after your graduated.

Most important, be brave. If you are hesitating whether apply for joint research, just do it and see what happens.        










AY2022 Fellowship Guidance for new students.

The new fellowship members guidance was hold at Auditorium on the 1st floor of the ISIR Administration

Building (Building A) in Suita Campus from 1:30 PM on Tue 19th April.  

21 new fellowship members have joined.  

First, the message from the fellowship coordinator Dr. Oiwa was given.  

After a brief introduction of fellowship members, the new members  received notification of the  fellowship members.

After that, Professor Hasegawa explained the contents of the fellowship and how to receive the scholarship.

AY2021 QLEAR Fellowship Researcher exchange workshop

On March 8th (Tuesday), 2022, at the Nambu Yoichiro Hall of Osaka University Toyonaka Campus, AY2021 Researcher exchange workshop by the  hybrid format (oral lecture: Yoichiro Nanbu Hall and online, poster presentation: online) was held. The contents of the program are 2 invited lectures and presentations of  fellowship students (4 oral presentations and 24 poster presentations). In addition to welcoming invited speakers from outside, external company researchers participating in the Quantum Software Research Center 68 participants (40 graduate students, 28 faculty members and researchers) for oral lectures, 65 participants (33 graduate students, 33 graduate students) for poster presentations. It was carried out with 32 faculty members and researchers).


AY2021 Abstract

We are pleased to announce the abstracts of the 2021 QLEAR Fellowship recipients.

Please download from above. 

QLEAR2021Researcher Exchange Meeting abstract

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