QLEAR—Quantum Leader Resource



About the Fellowship

QLEAR fellowship has a system to provide fellowships consisting of research funds for conducting activities. For the students who are accepted of this fellowship will receive the allowance (equivalent to living expenses)and research budget that make students to coelenterate the research that is shown on their research plan and follow the theme of their research.  

Under the Quantum Leader Resources program, fellowships are planned to be provided as follows:

Amount Provided as allowance

¥2,160,000 per year

※Allowance would be the taxable income. Recipients will be required to pay income tax and inhabitant tax, and to join the national health insurance program.

※Occasionally, amount for several months may be transferred at once.

Amount Provided as Research budget

¥340,000 per year

※The budget will be transferred to the graduate school or institute in which the student’s supervisor belongs.

Fellowship recipient

QLEAR Fellowship Recipients AY2023

QLEAR Fellowship Recipients AY2022

QLEAR Fellowship Recipients AY2021