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氏名:Rendong Hu

海外共同研究機関:Zernike Institute for Advanced Materials





  My current research is a cooperative project. To proceed with my project, I decided to
join the research overseas. And it is also a nice opportunity to keep good relationships with
another good group.



First of all, I set a goal for overseas joint research. And I made a rough plan based on my
goal. Another important preparation is to manage the schedule at Osaka University. Before
departure, I tried my best to finish my work in Osaka.
In addition, I also needed to arrange the live there, such as living place, in advance.



It is a good experience. Although there were some problems with the process of my
project, somehow I reached my set goal. And it was very nice to meet the professor and my
friends there again and meet new people.



As I mentioned above, my project is cooperative. Groningen is supposed to prepare the
devices and Osaka will finish the measurements under ultra-low temperature. It was
interesting to prepare the devices by myself again and experience the difference between the
two groups, for example, working habits and experimental methods.
Of course, there were some difficulties. The experimental equipment in Groningen is not
as sufficient as in Osaka. The biggest difficulty is to arrange the time with the group members
there. Also, living there is harder than in Japan. Most of the time we need to cook by ourselves.



We keep discussing my project during the PhD program. So it is relatively easier to interact
with professors and researchers. We have meetings every three weeks, which include two
professors and related researchers from both sides (Osaka and Groningen).



The living in Groningen is always hard. The price of a good apartment or studio is
extremely high compared with Osaka. It could be 150,000 yen per month, or even higher.
Most of the official renting companies do not provide short-term periodic properties. I lived
in my friend's house for several days. Finally, with their help, I found a short-term property
from other people.
There was the Christmas holiday during my overseas time. I went to Norway with my
friend during the holiday to pursue the aurora.



It became more clear about my PhD program. After discussing with two professors, I
know the requirements for my program. And also my current project procced a big step.



It is very useful. I would like to say that the lifestyle is different from Japan. I can find a
research style that is more suitable for me. And it provides different methods for my
experiments, both for device fabrication and measurements. It will be helpful for my research
in Japan.



  Yes, I will definitely use it. For example, this connection can help me to open my scientific
horizon, for example, my future topic could be more varied, not only limited to my project in
Osaka. In addition, I can also cooperate with more professors who have connections to



It is definitely a good opportunity. Please try to join the overseas research without any
hesitation. It can not only help your scientific career but also experience a different life. It is
never bad to meet more professional and experienced people.