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The status of awards and recognitions received by fellowship recipients

We are pleased to announce the status of awards and recognitions received by fellowship recipients (August 2021 – May 2023). 
*We will post this information monthly from now on.


Date of Award Graduate School awardee Awards and recognitions


Engineering SUGIHARA Naoki 41st Organic Synthesis Young Scientists Seminar “For Tomorrow’s Organic Synthesis” “Excellent Research Presentation Award”
2021/9 Engineering SUGIHARA Naoki 67th Symposium on Organometallic Chemistry “Poster Award”
2021/9 Engineering SUGIHARA Naoki 10th Fluorochemical Society for Young Researchers “Best Poster Award” 
2021/10 Science YAMAURA Haruki 26th Japan Society for Endotoxin and Natural Immunity ” Excellence Award”
2021/11 Science CHUMA Shunsuke 59th Annual Meeting of the Biophysical Society of Japan ” Student Presentation Award”
2022/1 Science CHUMA Shunsuke 2022 NTHU-OU virtual symposium biological and medical science Osaka-Taiwan  “First place for outstanding presentation “
2022/3 Engineering IWAYA Takenori 69th Spring Meeting of the Japan Society of Applied Physics  “Award for Encouragement of Lectures”
2022/3 Science   TAKIZAWA Ryunosuke   77th Annual Meeting (2022)of the Physical Society of Japan “Student Presentation Award “
2022/4  Engineering  NORO Ryosuke The 11th Advanced Lasers and Photon Sources  “The Best Student Oral Paper Award”
2022/4 Engineering SHINYOSHI Naoki RADIOISOTOPES【Paper Encouragement Award】
2022/8 Engineering IWAYA Takenori Semiconductor Electronics Division Committee, Materials Science Society of Japan  “Best Student Presentation Award”
2022/9 Science ONO Keita The Physical Society of Japan Autumn Meeting 2022  “Excellent Student Presentation Award”
2022/9 Engineering SHINYOSHI Naoki The Ceramic Society of Japan 35th Autumn Symposium  [Encouragement Award]
2022/10 Engineering NISHII Hiroki Japan Electric Measuring Instruments Manufacturers’ Association, Sensing Exhibition 2022 OSAKA 
Received the Lightning Award at the Student Lightning Talk
2022/11 Science CHUMA Shunsuke Advanced Quantum Life Science Forum 2022  “Best Presentation Award”
2023/3 Engineering science    INOUE Soshun 3rd Plasmonic Chemistry Conference  “Student Incentive Award”
2023/3 Engineering LI Junhuan 2023 Japan Society for Precision Engineering Spring Conference Academic Lecture “Best Presentation Award”
2023/3 Engineering SHINYOSHI Naoki 17th Japan Ceramic Society MFD Study Group “Material Design Award”
2023/4 Engineering IWAYA Takenori Japan Society for the Advancement of Production Technology, Inc.” 2022 Overseas Paper Presentation Encouragement Award”
2023/5 Science CHUMA Shunsuke Quantum Life Science Society 5th Annual Conference ” Best Poster Presentation Award”